Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oxysilver Works!

There is this new pill being touted for Brain enhancement named Procera AVH, and when I looked up the ingredients I was shocked. They are Not FDA approved, and people are going to take it. There are side effects you have to see. 

Buyer Be-Aware
This is why Procera AVH is FDA approved. This is why it can justify the commercials. May be good for someone with Alzheimers.

However I think prevention is the best medicine. 

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Look up Procera AVH. You will not be shocked to find how they use us as experiments! With all the side effects of all these new drugs, what's worse the cure or the side effects? The V in AVH is Vinpocetine: states: Although preliminary studies on the use of vinpocetine for Alzheimer's disease showed promise, a critical review of previously published studies found that the evidence as a whole was too weak to rely on, due to limitations in the design of the studies. More research is needed.
More on Vinpocetine:  The H is: Huperzine

The ingredients in Dr. Leanard Horowitz' products are below, but in the meantime read the history of how this product has evolved, and is far superior to all prior silver products even from the good doctor. And there are no side effects except good ones.
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